Ordinary Pastor’s Wife Kymberly Black


“Everyone Smiles in California”

Hi there!

Pastors wives are women just like you – professionals, moms, grandmas, homemakers, leaders with concerns for the same things you are. It could be  realizing your teenage son is no longer the sweet boy you knew for the past 11 or so years.  It could be trying to consistently parent your teenage daughter who acts as if she can’t stand you.  Another similar concern may be finding purpose in life, understanding what God designed us to do, keeping up with the house, being over committed, desiring deeply to serve others while trying to be a good wife , mother and friend.  We even realize at times we want to grow in our relationship with Jesus but can’t seem to make any headway.  The things that you are talking about are the very things we think about and long for in our own lives.

I hope ordinarypastorswife.com is a place where you can see a perspective from a woman just like you. This blog gives me a way to walk through many of the unrealistic expectations placed on me because of who I chose to marry.  I hope you will enjoy reading about my experiences where the perspective may be from the other side but is very similar to your own.  I hope you find spiritual encouragement, fresh perspectives, practical insights and some laughs you can apply to your very own life as well.

When I started to blog, it was a way for me to get my thoughts on paper as a way to give people a perspective into the life as a pastor’s wife.  Sometimes I feel lost as I navigate through chaos of a busy and ordinary life.  In fact, I have found many of you feel the very same way I do and want to enjoy a life of meaning, laughter, true happiness and control over the chaos. Embracing Hot Mess almost as if it were a superpower of some sort!

Now I blog because I have been able to provide help and support for hundreds of women.

This ordinary pastor’s life I am living has lent to some extraordinary experiences that would seem impossible to some.  I try to look for the good in everything and this can really make some people just mad.  If you can change your perspective on some things just a tiny little bit, you will realize living in this way, makes embracing the mess a little bit easier.

When we realize we are all mostly the same and that we are not in this journey alone. We can find meaning and purpose in our ordinary lives by opening our eyes to be available for those placed in our paths.

I enjoy figuring out ways to change my perspective when in difficult situations or ones I want to run from because I don’t feel comfortable.  I try really hard not  to dwell on negative tings that end up really only affecting me.  I share about hurts and stupid things I do to sabotage myself these things as I write my blog each month.  I also have email encouragements,

I adore books, animals, coffee, shopping, being with friends & family. I love life & being in the ministry alongside my hubby for the past 26 years. I never set out to have a “pastor’s wife” blog, but have found written communication as a way to relate to other women. I do not feel that I am an extraordinary pastor’s wife like so many others that I know. I am ordinary with very little talent that would seem “typical” of a pastor’s wife. I do sing but I do not play an instrument. I cook because my family needs to eat. I do struggle with this aspect of my life from time to time as a pastor’s wife as I am sure many others do as well. This blog will be made of my daily experiences that remind me of God surrounding us in the most practical and simple ways.

My dry sense of humor will be evident in my writing since I write just as I would speak. I want to be an encouragement to women to enjoy their lives & be thankful for what God has entrusted to us. I live in Southern California and am an entrepreneur at heart with a passion to reach those around me through service and prayer. My son, Jantzen and daughter-in-law, Jayde were married in 2017 and live in Newport Beach, California.  My daughter, Janell, and son-in-law, Garrett currently are stationed for the Army in Oahu, Hawaii with my two grand kitties, Sebastian and Kaleya.