Have you had one of those weeks where you know you need to slow down?

There are signs to give hints…

There are self-inflicted issues that come up to help one realize…

Things end up taking longer due to self-inflicted hurriedness…

Well, here are a couple of “self-inflicted” scenarios that helped me finally get the hint to SLOW myself down… One involves the grocery store and another involves a car door…

Scenario One:
There is nothing like happily shopping along in busy grocery store and finding everything you need fairly easily.  Get into a lane that is ready for me and unload my items… And then go to pull out my wallet and it is nowhere to be found. 
I let the cashier know I must have left the wallet in my car so I’m going to run out and get it.  Well, kinda run/fast walk…

Search the car… searched areas I would never place the wallet… search the purse again…

No wallet.

I close the car door and start back to the grocery store when a man asks me, “Did you lose your wallet?” I say, “Yes, did you find it.” He replies, “No, but it is at the service desk.”    

How does this man know about this, you ask? I have no idea but am super grateful.

I say thank you and do my run/fast walk back into the store to the service desk.
Behind the service desk is a cheerful lady who is actually happy to help me.  She gives me the wallet and then explains it was turned in by a lady who found it in the parking lot right by my car.  She did say one odd thing to me.  She said, “I was going to facebook you.”  Hmmmmmm is all I have for that. 

Then I find out, the cashier “suspended” my cart of stuff so all they had to do was punch in a number, pay and get on my way. 

Everyone around seemed to know what was going on and was so happy for me.  I’m not suggesting these things do not happen to people on a daily basis… it was just really endearing to see how the people around me, that I did not know, were so happy for me. 

Scenario Two:
I was finishing my last stop in one of the Doctors offices that I call on for work and enjoyed seeing the office and hugs all around.  When I left and headed back to my car, I realize the driver side door is open. 

It’s dark and chilly outside (setting the atmosphere for you)… 

Do I think I have been robbed?

Do I panic?

Am I scared?

Why, you ask?

Because I know I did this… I instantly realize I have left my car door open while spending time inside a Doctor’s office at 5:30 in the evening.   I have the keys in my hand and had locked the car so all doors and trunk were secure except the driver’s side. 

Instead, I jump in the car and send a picture to my friends so they can enjoy a laugh at my expense. 

I would like to say this is due to the Christmas season and my hustle and bustle…but unfortunately we all know that is not the case…

It is a good reminder that people are genuinely helpful and kind and things are not necessarily as bad as we are led to believe.  

Btw, I did only tell you two scenarios… you would think I would learn faster… ugh… I am grateful for God’s mercy, protection and patience… 

1 Peter 3:8
Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. NIV

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